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DSC offers Fat Testers for raw, pure ground meat that conforms to the approved AOAC methodology. DSC patented digital fat tester eliminates the human error in the analog reading of the drip method used in the Univex and Hobart models. DSC fat testers measure fat from 1% lean to 99% fat, and provide accuracy within 0.5% fat reading. Glass-free models are available to conform to internal QA policy. Ideal for measuring fat in hamburger and ground pork and beef. A separate computer kit is available to measure fat on poultry with the same digital accuracy. Full application laboratory offers parameter determination and technical support. DSC offers a complete line of accessories including aluminum dishes, printers, and sample pads. Fat Tester Price starts as low as $1,499.

Meat, like any animal product, will have a certain degree of lean-to-fat variance from sample to sample. A meat fat tester measure fat content in beef, pork and poultry to within 1%. This measurement allows producers, distributors and servers to estimate the amount of fat in the mince, helping ensure quality standards wherever meat is processed.

DSC meat fat testers measure fat from 1% to 99% fat, and provide accuracy within 0.5% fat reading. They are designed for quick and easy operation, with an added emphasis on sanitation. Requiring little to no calibration, and offering data availability to computer systems and online support, DSC meat fat testers can be used with minimal training.

Comply with USDA standards and label ground beef correctly. Our beef fat analyzers are pre-calibrated to analyze all key parameters including fat analysis, moisture analysis, protein analysis, salt analysis, and collagen analysis - delivered in seconds, not minutes. This saves precious time and ensures correct batch values. 

Operate at profitable levels with a beef fat analyzer from DSC, the company that has provided quality service and support in the solids and fat analysis industry for more than 10 years. Unlike other suppliers who leave their customers to deal with the manufacturer after selling them an item, we at DSC continuously provide our customers with technical support and services, well after their purchase.

Our application chemical engineers and knowledgeable customer service team are on call and available to you. Shop online or call DSC today to ensure the quality of your meat, and the longevity of your business.