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DSC offers Moisture Analyzers that combine high quality and durable construction into sleek, compact designs. DSC offers a complete line of Microwave Moisture Analyzers, Moisture Balances and NMR Moisture Analyzers. DSC moisture balances operate based on LOD concept. DSC carries various brands including DSC, CEM, Sartorius, Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, A&D, and Adam Equipment. These instruments provide dependable and accurate results for a wide variety of applications such as plastics, pharmaceutical and chemical, food, textile, wastewater, and other applications. Sample weighing capacity up to 110 grams with precision of 0.0001grams and readability of 0.001% Moisture. DSC Moisture Analyzers offer choices of Halogen and Infrared heating, Glass-free tester, and up to 200C drying temperature. Full application laboratory offers parameter determination and technical support. DSC offers a complete line of accessories including aluminum dishes, printers, and sample pads. Unit Price starts as low as $999.    


What is a Moisture Analyzer?

Moisture Analyzer refers to the equipment used in measuring the content of moisture in solids, liquid or slurry. It is applied in different ways and used to measure the level of moisture in various substances and materials when there is a need to know the amount of moisture in any given medium for process cost control or quality control. Water is the most economical component of any formulation therefore based on your specification you will optimize the water concentration. An analysis performed by Moisture Analyzers are popular in the pharmaceutical, food, wastewater, pulp-paper, R&D and quality control laboratories.

Where is the Moisture Analyzer used?

These Moisture Analyzers are used in quality control laboratories, production or process control laboratories and in production areas. If you are measuring moisture or percent volatiles for samples that have solvent or combustibles you could place the analyzer under a hood and also use a purge gas like Nitrogen or Carbon Dioxide to lower the concentration of Oxygen. Depending on how low of moisture content you are measuring you choose the instrument with high precision balance similar to the analytical balance. For example if you are measuring moisture in plastic pallets or powder you would use a balance with readability of 0.1mg to detect a very low weight loss.

Why use A Moisture Analyzer?

Water is the most economical component of any formulation therefore based on your specification you like to optimize the water concentration. In drying applications such as plastic pallets and powder you would like to optimize your energy usage of the dryer based on your moisture readings. In sludge dewatering plants you want to optimize your polymer usage and energy usage based on moisture content of dewatered sludge. For belt press and centrifuge optimization the moisture content of your sludge cake is important parameter for your operation.

There is not much complexity when it comes to putting Moisture Analyzers to use. The equipment is very small and are easy to carry and operate. There is a wide range of companies that make Moisture Analyzers. One of the top companies OHAUS of Parsippany, NJ. OHAUS is one of the market manufacturing leaders and have certified the sale of another brand called DSC or Data Support Company. Although the branding is different the quality and warrantee is the same. Though there are many Moisture Analyzers manufactures, the basic form of use and design is basically the same or with very few differences.

Use of an OHAUS Moisture Analyzer and DSC Moisture Analyzer is simple irrespective of the manufacturer and their small differences in design. To start with, the sample is usually places inside a chamber that is usually small in size. A computer is then used to come up with the weight of the sample inside the chamber. Heat is then administered to the sample by a special device inside the Moisture Analyzer specially designed for this purpose. DSC also used patented technology for the sample holders to minimize cost and increase the speed of test.

How it analyzes moisture

On a periodic basis, the computer inside the Moisture Analyzer is used to measure the weight of the sample during this process. When the periodic measurement of the sample at hand becomes constant, the devise automatically alerts the user and then the process is then completed. The process is finalized by stopping the heating process meaning the evaporation is completed. Once this entire process is finalized, the Moisture Analyzer then measures the moisture level of the sample by a computing process base on the weight loss.

There is however some small differences that come with some Moisture Analyzer, under such differences, you will find that they are not based on reliability or heightened effectiveness. One of the main differences you will find with some Moisture Analyzers will be based mostly on the requirements under different production and manufacturing scenarios.

When it comes to chemicals and other kinds of mixtures, you will find that the Moisture Analyzers under these fields will have glass cases on the top side. This is to enable the user have the ability to check on the sample when the test is ongoing. Under scenarios like food production this will not be the case since glass is not usually allowed when it comes to areas within production floors of plants that deal with food production.

Since glass is under some applications not allowed, aluminum blanks will then come in as the preferred replacement for glass. This is the basic standardized version of Moisture Analyzers that meets guidelines that are usually very strict under such production conditions.

There is however some manufactures who offer switching and replacement services whereby you can opt to switch from the glass hood to the aluminum hood. This can as well be vice versa as according to the preferences of the user and the kind of regulations guiding the particular field of production. Such replacement inclusive of the service is not costly and as advertised by most who offer these services they term it at ridiculously cheap.

The moisture pans found in the Moisture Analyzers are as well disposable and made of aluminum too. These ones are as well inexpensive especially when bought in bulk as mostly offered.

Easy to use

Most moisturizer analyzers have LED displays; however the user must know how to get accurate readings for a specific product. The steps below must be followed in an analysis sequence.

  1. The first step is establishing the process of products that need to be tested. The balance must be programmed appropriately. The steps must be included in the operational manual of a company. 
  2. Put a sample plate on top of a sample plate holder of the moisture balance and tare a balance.
  3. Place and spread the product and make sure you use only the recommended amount on a sample plate and note the weight. 
  4. To begin the sequence, cover the moisture balance.
  5. The unit has a display panel that updates status of the procedure consistently. The analysis will come to an end once drying is completed and dry weight becomes stable.

It must be noted that the Moisture Analyzers need to recalibrated regularly especially when moved from place to another